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SOS aid for vehicle failure cases around Salzburg

The bus charter service Salzburg Tours takes care of competent backup for coach suppliers that arrive at any hinderances during the outing all around Salzburg and Salzburg. If you ever endure a bus fault, a motor predicament or a deficiency of travel time of your very own driver, our team can provide you with commutation buses or an add on motorbus driver efficiently. Evade the trouble of despairingly nugget-washing for near bus rental companies and ensure that you don't let your voyagers get angry superfluously. As a result of our experienced action, they will be able to mount their newest bus before long and pick up where they left off with their group excursion without further waiting time.

Profit from prompt support if unpredictably your current bus fails

We can think of few events which can get as incommodious as a vehicle plight while voyaging. May it be a mechanical predicament, a locomotor disturbance of the coach, the air conditioning stopped working, a breakage of your tires or your bus conductor finishing up the allowed motoring time - the inventory of eventually arising bus collapse conditions is extended. The tour operator Salzburg Tours proposes efficient aid for similarly looking cases in Austria and in the enveloping regions. Should you ever come across a coach defect, our trained agency is available to provide you with lettable surrogate vehicles from Salzburg as well as from within the boundaries and in the surroundings of entire Salzburg. The recommended operation to call for help is smooth: just at the moment that you find out that you might be in difficulties, it would be a good idea to reach out for us at . Describe us the passenger ride you will need, the passenger quantity, and the amount of baggage, the desired meeting address and of course the last finishing point. Our emergency operators will notify you at what time at the earliest we can make a fire-brigade vehicle be at the failure location as well as what the fee of the emergency manuever will be. Subsequently, we wait for you to decide whether you hire the breakdown solution which is waiting for green light from you.

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Essential information you need to prepare if you have a bus breakdown in the vicinity of Salzburg

The more details you provide us, the more smoothly we will be able to support you and your co-travellers. Our friendly disruption office team is used to working with the customer to satisfy any desires. It would indeed be easier for us to be of use to you when you assist our agents by supplying us all the related data regarding your coach mishap. The following information are of interest to speed us up:

Coordinates of breakdown: When you provide us information on the coordinates of your travellers'SOS situation, the most clear details are considerably saluted. Salzburg is a massively extended area, and it is hard to guess among the numerous potential addresses to meet a group of people from. If possible, please provide us at the minimum the road name and number of house. The GPS coordinates would be very helpful, honestly spoken.

Passenger vehicle journey routing to be fulfilled: Our support services are as flexible as the possible motives for the coach mishap . You can appeal for a surrogate for an inner-city ride, an airport ride, a customized sightseeing tours within the limits of Salzburg, a trip to another city in Salzburg or even for a numerous day commutation. Verify that you let us know the alternative you wish for when requesting the emergency service.

Important details about the travel group to be moved: Important details that you need to give us: quantity of passengers and luggage amount to be carried, nationality of the tourists, unregular requirements ( exempli gratia high back booster seats, trailers for excess baggage etc. ). The more detailed your data are, the quicker we can act and fix your difficulty by sending the most appropriate relief vehicle.